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Mary Kay

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Mary Kay Inc.: Building a Brand in India
Cameron A. Sanders
Northeastern State University

MKT 3213 CRN 30369
Dr. Ronald Petty
February 19, 2016
Mary Kay Inc.: Building a Brand in India
Mary Kay Inc. is a company I have heard of and know some about but I am a guy who does not where makeup like a Frenchman. I knew Mary Kay was popular in the United States among the women population. I know some people who threw some Mary Kay parties. Other than that I did not know much about the company before watching this video. I was actually shocked when I found out Mary Kay is mostly sold by individuals who host parties. It is a company who values relationships between the seller and buyer.
Mary Kay Inc. is shockingly popular internationally. This is coming from a guy who did not know much about them prior to this assignment. The marketing strategy to expand into other countries is what catches my attention more than makeup. The marketing research team must had its work cut out for them. They had to figure out what countries wanted. Like how they was able to strive in China. Chinese women are women who do not bath in makeup like some American women. They prefer the natural look. So how did Mary Kay do it? They focused on facial creams and things of that nature. They sold the product that they wanted. They did not try and sell all the makeup to them.
Mary Kay Inc. now wants to expand into India. This may be a challenge people believe but Indian women are not different from Chinese women. They do not wear a whole lot of makeup. Figure 1 in the book shows a chart comparing India in 2007 when Mary Kay Inc. decided to expand and China in 1995. The numbers are actually really close except the GDP for India is higher. The per capita is also higher for India. So that would be a good sign the economy is stable and expansion is very much possible.

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