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Mary Rowlandson's Narrative Analysis

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Food and religion are the essential ideas that are used repeatedly throughout Rowlandson’s narrative, they are the dire amenities that she was mostly concerned with every day to survive. Before her imprisonment, Mary Rowlandson was an enthusiastic housewife that had no idea of the suffering or melancholy that the hardships of life had to offer. Mary has always had plenty of ways to eat, wardrobe, and decent housing. As you can tell, you can see how her perspectives towards the Native American’s choice of grub continually changes as she goes along on her journey, and how it correlates to the change within herself. After facing the fate of losing her home and as well as most of her loved ones, she had to bottle up her emotions to keep …show more content…
Rowlandson realized at the end of her journey that astoundingly "all the time [she] was among them one man, woman, or child die with hunger"(270). Mary realized that the Native Americans were not picky at all and not spoiled about anything, they were crafty and ate whatever they could in order to survive. Mary knew that she had been changed after finding this fact out. Mary’s views on life were completely different after the experience with the Native Americans. Rowlandson says, "the Lord has showed me the vanity of these outward things"(271). suffering. As Mary’s travels move on you can tell that she has gave in to the Native Americans culture. In the eighth movement she says "I boiled my peas and bear together, and invited my master and mistress to dinner,"(266). That quote made by Rowlandson does not seem likely that she’s in captivity and that she’s actually horrified. Mary also made clothing for the Native Americans, which Therefore, the metaphor of food could be related to how Mary Rowlandson’s perspective on life has changed from what it was before her capture. Although she never admits her anger and depression throughout her venture, her language itself can tell the reader that she had to hold back these feelings in

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