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Masafi Company Marketing Audit

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PETrecycling gives short information about Masafi Company. The company was found in 1976 and now it is a unique brand that has become a generic name for bottled and mineral water in the entire Gulf region. Such a status was acquired because of their high quality products known all over the world for their pure natural freshness.

Today Masafi Company can offer a great number of products, ranging from bottled mineral water to soft facial tissues, cups, juices and chips. Gulfbusiness website writes that the main aim of Masafi Company is to strengthen the market leadership. It is distinguished by constant improvement the quality and number of their products and also through the processes of innovative manufacturing, continuous reinvestment and marketing and audit strategies.

The target market for Masafi products, as well as any others ones, is distinguished according the following customer characteristics: geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioralistic. Urban areas of the Middle East region is the main target market for Masafi products.

People use water in summer more than in winter. In summer one person uses ten or more glasses of water per day, and can use a couple of glasses of juice. In the Middle East region the temperature is one of the highest on Earth. In most countries of the region the summer is all the year round. It was conducted a survey and analyzed that 40% of individuals are ready to use Masafi products as a regular drink.

Demographics customer characteristics are:

• According to the age of the customers it varies from five to one hundred five;

• According to the gender customers may be either male or female;

• According to the family life cycle customers may be young, single, married and old;

• The income of the customers may be from middle to high;

• According to occupation the...

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