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(Studi Kasus terhadap Siswa Kelas IV SDN Tarumanagara
Kecamatan Tawang Kota Tasikmalaya)
Oleh: Ghullam Hamdu, Lisa Agustina

Motivation is one of the several things which determines the successful of the student learning activity. Without motivation, learning process is difficult to achieve optimum success. The use of the principle of motivation is something essential in the learning and education process. This article trils to investigate the influence of learning motivation to the student science performance.
This correlation descriptive study was conducted as a case study on elementary school fourth grade students and the objective was to describe the level of influence of student's motivation toward science performance. A total of 26 fourth grade students at Tarumanagara Elementary
School District Tawang is used as a sample. Data was collected using a questionnaire as an instrument of learning motivation variables and test results as the average student achievement variable. Results of data processed with statistical calculations and the average correlation performed using SPSS 16.0. Results showed that on average, learning motivation and science learning performance of students achieve good interpretation. The Influence of student’s learning motivation showed significant high correlation and donate the influence of 48.1% on student’s science performance.
Keywords: Learning Motivation, Science Performance.
Pendidikan dan pengajaran adalah suatu proses yang sadar tujuan. Tujuan dapat diartikan sebagai suatu usaha untuk memberikan rumusan hasil yang diharapkan siswa setelah melaksanakan pengalaman belajar (Sadirman, 2004). Tercapai tidaknya tujuan pengajaran salah satunya adalah terlihat dari prestasi belajar yang diraih siswa. Dengan prestasi yang…...

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