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Masculinity In Michael Kimmel's Temporary About Myself

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“Don’t you be a little sissy boy or “don’t you even start crying, you’re a man and men don’t cry.” These are some of the sentences a young American boy would hear from his father, being a man who has no space for emotions. Most of these ideas stem from the military concept of what an American man should be like. In the military a man should show no fear, be a leader in addition to being aggressive and wise. The thought of a man having feminist symptoms or showing emotions, threatens the American concept of masculinity. Men overindulge in being more aggressive or violent. Secondly, men fear showing signs of weakness or emotions by leading aggressiveness towards the abuse of other women using violent activities. The military concept has shaped American manhood for the worst. Today many American men are becoming frustrated with the idea of what it means to be a man and trying to find their own identity. Many have fallen into depression; question themselves if they have fulfilled their desires of being a man. In the book “Manhood in America” by Michael Kimmel, the author discusses the roles and struggles that American man faces and how the American manhood roles have changed over time. In Temporary About Myself, Kimmel uses different articles to discuss the responsibility of a man and touches on issues of masculinity …show more content…
After Bjorn nearly lost his wife in a battle, which left her injured. Bjorn becomes sad and started crying, which is against the concept of a Viking man. Rollo then reminds Bjorn that if he keeps showing signs of weakness and whipping only then his wife will die. For, he needed to grow some balls and be a man, only then she will survive. This conversation can connect to the real world on how a man should be, that showing emotional and weakness will only destroy his family. The strength of a man affects the strength of his

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