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Mass Media: Headlines or Bottom Lines?

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Hunter Bailey
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5 September 2014
Mass Media: Headlines or Bottom Lines?
There may have been a time when one could open a newspaper and not have to worry about cross-referencing and fact checking every story that was read. Those are the days of the past. Ever since the collapse of healthy competition in the mass media industry, the motives of stories and the intentions of the news outlets are being brought into question. Oftentimes, one can find that when watching one news station, the listener gets a completely different side of the story being told when the channel is changed to another with the same story. This causes some questions to arise as to which station is telling the truth, how do listeners know which station to listen to, and is the for-profit motive of news stations affecting their rationality? The only way to know the answers to these questions is to take a comprehensive look at the differences between for-profit and non-profit media sources.
To start off, the for-profit news stations will be examined to see what kinds of bias, falsehoods, and contradictions they may or may not be portraying to readers. The former CBS anchor Walter Kronkite warned the public that this day would come. He said that media sources are facing “rounds and rounds” of job cuts, pay cuts, and budget cuts in order to stay competitive in the industry (Lagorio 2007). Basically, he is saying that the companies are having to do much more with less. In today’s age of technology, news is almost instantaneous, which causes its own issues such as misreporting of information and false facts of stories. Therefore, companies and journalists are forced to find stories and make them interesting or make stories out of something that years ago may not have been exactly newsworthy. This is due to the public always having access to news and stories from...

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