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Grading Matrix/Rubric for Individual Final Case Study

Evaluation Criteria | Points Possible | Points Earned | RMKS | Paper: Submitted paper is to be composed of the following sections: * Cover Page * Table of Contents * Executive Summary (≤1 page in length) * Body of Report: * Problem Identification (no more than one-half page in length) * Situation Analysis (3-4 pages with subheadings for each problem, followed by the analysis of that problem) * Problem 1 * Problem 2 * Problem 3 | 2 | | | Case Problems for your final paper:Your analysis of the ECL in China case paper should identify, analyze, and recommend solutions for the following “problems”: * Communication skills important at the team level * Communication planning at the team level * Cross-cultural negotiation skills at the team levelRelevant cultural issues for each "problem" must be included in your analysis, but should not be the entire content of your analysis. NOTE: Analysis of problems different from the 3 identified above will result in a grade of “0” for this assignment.Analyze each problem using the most relevant material we have covered on communication issues, conflict resolution, teamwork, and/or negotiation skills. Relevant cultural issues involved with each "problem" must be included in your analysis, but should not be the entire content of your analysis. | 6 | | | Recommendations (develop as a PowerPoint slide show* that you would be making to senior management following your analysis of their organizational “problems”; provide your concise presentation of recommendations to resolve all 3 problems using a maximum of 5 slides), for example: * Slide 1 = identify the 3 problems and summarize how you analyzed them * Slides 2-4 = use one slide per problem for your recommendations * Slide 5 = summary * References | 3 | | | The final paper is to cite a substantial portion of the assigned readings from this semester. Engleberg & Wynn and Thompson must be used sufficiently and correctly to analyze this case. A minimum number of correct and useful citations would be ≥12; optimal would be more than 14. As before, the case paper itself counts as only one citation. Additional research in not needed to complete this assignment. | 2 | | | There are quality expectations for this final paper! You are expected to demonstrate your mastery of analyzing a case paper using many of the assigned readings from this semester, and in communicating your findings to the professor (and theoretically to the company’s executive management). | 2 | | | Proofread and edit your paper before submission for grammar, spelling, and format | 1 | | | Total | 16 | 0 | |

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