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Mastering a Skill

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Mastering A Skill

By David Story

There are allot of skills in this world to master, and I think one of them should be a foreign language, this is, however, a skill in which not everyone has mastered. Everywhere we go today, you see a foreign language used in one way or another. Think about when you go out for Sushi, Mexican, Chinese, Vietnamese, or any other foreign food, the employee's speak different languages.

There is a growing demand for people that have mastered a foreign language, like the military, that send troops or aids to foreign countries, businesses, that send their employee's to different countries, and schools wanting their teachers to be bilingual. In today's society, it seems that if we do not know a second language, we would not be able to communicate with different cultures that are rapidly moving here. In the last 20 years I have seen a great number of different nationalities come to America, and it seems to me that everyone wants them to speak our language, instead of learning theirs to understand a culture within the context of the language. There has been a growing global demand to understand different cultures, because of all the aid we send to different countries around the world.

Many people have skills in their chosen field, however, by not being bilingual may leave them out of promotions, advancements, or even getting the position in which they are qualified. I have been left out of getting some jobs because I did not have the bilingual skills they were asking for. Travel is more difficult when you do not know the language or the culture of the country you going to. For example, my spouse and I were planning a trip to China with a group of people, and for some unforeseen circumstances, we were unable to go, we did not take the time to learn the language or the culture. So, if we had gone, we would have had a very...

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