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Masters Student Survival Guide

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Masters Student Survival Guide

Mary Hill


March 1, 2015
John Smith, Ph.D.

Masters Student Survival Guide

Every graduate level student including myself needs to stock their arsenal with as many weapons of intellect as we can work-ably acquire. Few skills are more important than our ability to communicate our thoughts in writing, collaborate with our peers, and the sheer will to preserver through the most stressful of conditions. Even if those conditions were aggravated by lingering bad habits developed in undergrad course work. With enough effort and practice in these key areas we should not only secure the tools need to survive a graduate program, but to succeed in our career of choice that follows.


By developing written communication skills that we will not only succeed in in our master’s courses but will carry over into our teaching careers (Russ, 2009). The element of communication is vital in our studies because it will demonstrate to our professors that we can follow instructions by adhering to rigorous school guidelines and develop lesson plans that will challenge our future students. Graduate level writing is held to a higher standard because the content must address the real life scenarios pertaining to current topics in our field and also follow the strict framework of APA rules. Unlike emails and letters where formatting is subjective and errors may go unnoticed, graduate students papers will need to be free of errors, meet the facilitators demands and have a compelling argument or face large point deductions.

I write numerous emails on a daily basis at work to customers and potential clients, I feel I can create a persuasive argument in a short period of time. Unfortunately, this also means that I am out of practice when it comes to following the rules of MLA and APA. I will need to...

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