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Checkpoint: Technology-Trendy Communication

I think that technology is forever changing and that the companies today use this to their advantage. Most companies use e-mails instead of regular mail and this allows the information to be instantaneously transferred to the other party. Orders can be placed for products over the Internet via an automated system, therefore leaving employees free to do other things that need to be done. There are smart phones, email, text messages and instant messaging for people who are always on the go and don’t have time to sit behind a computer. Accessibility Technology has greatly increased accessibility in business communication. Because of things like smart phones, email, text messaging and instant messaging, information can be sent very quickly to anyone, anywhere. This has altered accessibility in a multitude of ways. People can work or communicate from anywhere and at any time. Your phone is your computer. I think that because technology is so advanced and you can conduct business from anywhere via you cell phone that it may put a strain on a persons personal life, because you will always be available to your job. Companies can also target the social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to inform a different type and age group about their company and what the company supplies and is able to do. So in answer to the question do I think that a business effectively uses the changing faces of technology to communicate? I would have to say yes…...

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