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Employers often want to find out if their workers are productive and loyal. Determine at least one limit that you would place upon a private employer’s rights to monitor the productivity and communications of employees at work. Support your response.

Businesses contend that monitoring to increase employee productivity, efficiency, and work quality is necessary in order to compete in the global marketplace. This is also necessary to ensure workers are productive and loyal to the company. Employers are concerned with proper employee behavior and Code of Conduct compliance in relation to their industries and related organizations. More employers are using monitoring devices to check or keep track of their employees' actions, behavior, and theft. Employers have a legitimate interest in keeping track of how their employees spend their work hours, whether doing business or goofing off or extortion. Therefore, employers use several types of employee monitoring systems such as computer monitoring, video surveillance, investigators, undercover operatives, spying, eavesdropping, electronic mail and voice mail, and active badge systems to help monitor their employees.

Employers are allowed to monitor their employees' communications, within reasonable limits, but employers must make sure that their monitoring does not violate their workers' privacy rights. On a practical level, employers must decide how much monitoring is necessary to serve their legitimate interests without making their employees feel unduly scrutinized. A limitation should be placed on the amount and process of monitoring employee communication. Employers may monitor employee conversations with clients or customers for quality control, but should inform the parties to the call either by an announcement or signaling a beeping sound during the call to let them know someone is listening in. However,...

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