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Material Deprivation

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Material Deprivation in Selected EU Countries
According to EU-SILC Income Statistics
Stávková Jana, Birčiaková Naďa, Turčínková Jana

The article deals with issues of households at risk of poverty in relative conception. Income poverty means a situation when the threshold of 0.6 of median income is not achieved. The analysis of a broader definition of poverty is based on identification and assessment of material deprivation factors, including: financial stress, housing conditions, availability of consumer durables and basic needs. Data sources are based EU-SILC dataset. Presented analysis is focused on selected EU countries, namely Czech Republic, Finland, France, Spain and United
Kingdom. The result identifies the problem areas that cause deprivation symptoms.
Key words: EU-SILC, income, material deprivation, poverty

According to Delors and the EU (Marketing journal, 2011) competitiveness means a country’s ability to provide their citizens with a high and growing standard of living and employment to all who want to work. In the global definition of competitiveness, the three important and irreplaceable pillars are health, quality of education and the labor market, thus pillars dependent on labor force. Marketing and production oriented perceptions of competitiveness are based on the premise that consumers focus on competitive advantages of products in their shopping decision-making. Significant limitation to cosumers is presented by poverty. Poverty represents the inability to participate in society and it has a multidimensional character – economic, human, social, and political. The dominant approach to measuring poverty is based on income situation of households, while except for the income indicators it also includes non-income indicators, so called deprivation items which are particularly discussed in this paper....

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