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A Good Life What is a good life about? To our modern society a good life is governed by fulfilling our needs and desires. To many, fulfilling these needs is mainly done by owning many flashy things; we call this ownership of flashy goods, materialism. I myself have first-hand experience of materialism and the negative effects that our society brings with it. I remember in high school, more specifically sophomore year, I was lucky and thankful enough to be the recipient of a substantial gift from my parents. For my 16th birthday they gifted me with a $15,000 check and said to spend it wisely. I could not believe it, I was so ecstatic and shocked I had no idea what to do. After a few days of careful consideration, I finally decided buying a car would be the best investment at the time. I did what most people do and bought myself a car, a BMW. Little did I know that the BMW would come with negative judgments from my high school peers. In the eyes of my peers I was known as the rich snobby kid who used his parents’ money to buy himself a flashy BMW to boast about. I was placed into a virtual social class of sort, being “better than everyone.” I was viewed as a selfish show-off, called rude and unwanted names just because of the car I owned. But this could not be farther from the truth. In no way did I feel better than anyone else, nor did I ever boast about having a fairly decent car for my age. But of course in our society, what I said did not matter, everyone judged me by the car I drove. I was left with feelings of sadness, dissatisfaction, and disappointment. I almost wanted to sell my car because I knew that would be the only way to make the judgments disappear. In James Twitchell’s Two Cheers for Materialism, he discusses the emphasis that our society puts on materialism. He supported that fact that in our modern society we buy things that give us a sense of...

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