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Appendix B

Picture the Supply Chain

Complete the chart below by outlining the digital content supply chain at Warner Bros. Entertainment.

|Upstream Component |Internal Component |Downstream Component |
|(sourcing/procurement) |(packing/assembly |(distribution) |
| |manufacturing) | |
|Warner is transforming into a digital |Warner working with Hewlett-Packard |Warner is implementing digital distribution|
|end-to-end business | | |
| |Developed high-performance storage systems |Broadband communication links |
|Filmmakers are increasingly using digital |Manipulate files at the speed the company |DVD |
|cameras |must have |High-definition television |
|Industry must handle three different types |Creating an information technology |Digital transformation |
|of DVDs, Apple iTunes, and other mobile |architecture |E-masters |
|devices |Digital media platform |Digitizing 6000+ |
|Pressure on studios to create alternative |Software, hardware, and services |Classic films to Technicolor quality |
|content | |Online Web initiative |
| | |Download new, interactive content, related |
| | |games, and flash animations |
| | |Customers use of |
| | |Warner content to |
| | |create their own |
| | | |

Choose one of these components and make a recommendation for an improvement to that area of the supply chain. Explain your reasoning for the change.

Information Sharing

The problems along the supply chain stem primarily from two sources: (1) uncertainties and (2) the need to coordinate several activities, internal units, and business partners. A major source of supply chain uncertainties is the demand forecast. Demand for a product can be influenced by numerous factors such as competition, prices, weather conditions technological developments, and customers’ general confidence. Supply chain problems can be costly for companies. Therefore, organizations are motivated to find innovative solutions. A common way to solve supply chain problems, and especially to improve demand forecasts, is sharing information along the supply chain. Such sharing can be facilitated by electronic data interchange and extranets. A company can benefit from this because they would know when inventories fall below the threshold for each product and they can also benefit from accurate and timely information on consumer demand for its products.
Rainer, R.K., Jr., & Turban, E. (2009). Introduction to information systems: Supporting and transforming business (2nd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. Retrieved April 22, 2011.

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