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Have you ever wondered if math can be a subject found in the Bible? In taking this class, I began a journey that made me consider the subject from a Biblical standpoint. According to, the definition of mathematics is defined as, “the science of numbers and their operations”. In this paper, we will evaluate three different occasions where math references were used in the Bible.
The first point that we will be looking at is how addition can be found in the Bible. The book of Genesis presents an example of how addition played a role.
“And Adam lived an hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in his own likeness, and after his image; called his son Seth:
And the days of Adam after he had begotten Seth were eight hundred years: and he begat sons and daughters:
And all the days that Adam lived were nine hundred years: and he died.” (Genesis 5:3-5, King James Version)
It is clear from the picture painted above that 130 years are added to 800 years to equal the complete years Adam lived, which was 930 years (Keister, 1982). The Lord could have enlightened the author’s mind to publish that Adam lived a long life. However, the author explained in detail how many years Adam lived before and after the birth of his son, Seth. Furthermore, one can conclude that this detailed description was placed with the purpose of helping the reader to see the mathematical aspect behind it. The second point we will be discussing in our search for mathematical wisdom in our Bible is the fact that mathematical information is not provided. One is encouraged to develop an answer by researching rather than engaging in mathematical transactions. An example of this is stated below.
“In the seventh year of Jehu Jehoash began to reign; and forty years reigned he in Jerusalem. And his mother’s name was Zibiah of Beersheba.” (2 Kings 12:1, King James Version)
In this

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