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Variable | Range of Values Found | Values selected for project | Speed of Bullet | 1055-3054 Feet Per Second** | 3054 feet per second | Power of locomotive | 3000-6000horse power | 6000 horse power | Height of a very tall building | 859-2716ft | 2716 feet |
Chose the highest value for each area because I figured it would be best to compare the top amounts.
Speed of bullet – 4122.9 watts
Power of locomotive – 4474200 watts
Height of building – 2716 feet
**Bullet speed varies greatly depending on size/shape/weight of bullet and distance from muzzle (wind resistance and gravity).
Volume for water = ((3.1417 * Radius^2) *Depth) * 7.47 = gallons *8.35lb = weight
E=10^(1.5(9)+4.8) = 10^(18.3) = 1.995262315x10^18jouls
.941643154 miles per hour
5500 miles
My bullet goes 930 meters per second.
The power is astronomically higher then that of the locomotive.
The height of the building I chose is 827 meters which is a lot larger then 10 meters however when you compare it to the 15 mile dept while in the ocean iits much smaller.

Hawks, Chuck. "Rifle Ballistics Summary." Rifle Ballistics Summary. N.p., 2003. Web. 6 May 2013. <>.
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A decibel is a unit of measurement to represent the volume of sound. It represents 1/10th of a Bel.
The formula is D = 10 * log(I/Ir)
Ir = 10^(-12) (or the reference intensity)
I = intensity
D = Decibel

Traffic – 85dB
Loud music – 120dB
Airplane – 140dB
Jack hammer – 95dB
Bird chirping – 60dB

Lawrence E. Marks, "Loudness," in AccessScience,...

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