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Math Unit 3

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Brandon Moore
Assignment (Customer Service)
AB221: Customer Service
Prof: Sheila Fry

If I owned my very own business I would provide your customers with a tiered service system. Because it can be very helpful with dealing with customer service and more convenient. By making a three tiered customer service system I can hit all key points for too able to help customers out. The first level consists of automated self-help online or over the phone. The second level is attention from a customer service representative. The third is direct assistance from an expert or supervisor. Making a three headed tiered can be one of the most affected way to handle a better customer service approach.
Providing my customers with a three tiered service system I can start off with automated self-help system. This can be don one line or over phone it can be very useful. This system would give the ability to the customers to try and handle things by them self without any long waiting. They can put info, gather info they need themselves quickly. This system help reduced time to unlock an account cuts down system down time increases user productivity and greater return on Investment. So this system here can help my business save money because I don’t need to pay for extra workers, and move things quickly. The efficiency of self-service helps you move from more of a reactive role to a proactive. A live customer service representative does not have to be contacted unless the customer requests that tier. Therefore, the company saves money by eliminating the need for many employees to answer simple questions or give basic information.
The second level is attention from a customer service representative. This level only mostly use is the customers will have hard time doing things themselves. So with my business I have to make sure I have good friendly workers who has patient and be...

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