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1. There are many different ways to solve problems in Algebra. Our text lists a five-step strategy for solving application problems. List the five steps. 1. Write a verbal model that describes the problem.
2. Assign labels to fixed quantities and variable quantities.
3. Rewrite the verbal model as an algebraic equation using the assigned labels.
4. Solve the algebraic equation.
5. Check to see that your solution satisfies the word problem as stated. 2. 2. Under one of the steps in #1, you will find a description for defining a variable. In your own words, describe how to define a variable. That means to assign a variable to something that is unknown in the problem. Which basically is whatever you are trying to find a answer to.
3. In the United States an average of 5,500,000 gallons of ice cream are produced each day. Please answer the following questions a-d to find out how many days it will take to produce 357,500,000 gallons of ice cream.
a. Define a variable for the value that is unknown. Let x stand for the days it will take
b. Write a multiplication equation to represent the situation. 5,500,000x=357,500,000 c. Solve by showing your work or explaining your steps. 5,500,000 into a a fraction and than moving it to the other side which would give you 357,500,000 over 5,500,000 and the x would be all by itself. Than you would divide and get your anwer of x=65 than you would check your answer. 5,500,000(65)=357,500,000
d. State the answer using a complete sentence.
It takes 65 days to produce 357,500,000 gallons of ice cream in the united...

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