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INTRODUCTION: there was a girl called Matilda who lived with a very greedy and grouchy family. But she was the odd one in the family. She wasn’t mean, greedy, or impolite, she was in fact very sweet, intelligent and smart. She loved reading books, was very keen to go to school and she developed a lot of knowledge in general. By the time she was 6 years old, she started going to school. Her teacher Miss Honey, was a very kind and sweet woman but the headmistress, Miss Trunchbull was a very impatient and mean woman, she didn’t like kids at all.
We know that Miss Honey is a goodie because she doesn’t give those death stares or growl, in fact she is very quiet. She doesn’t raise her voice to the kids, she talks to them in a nice mannered way. She loves to smile a lot and is very kind to each and every one. Miss honey would be described as beautiful and pure in the inside and out. Her body is very slim and delicate and her hair is always nice and clean.
It shows that Miss Honey is a goodie by showing her facial expressions, how she dresses up, the way she deals with situations and the music that plays in the background.
We know Miss Trunchbull is a baddie because she is a very cruel, bossy woman to any child or person that comes in her way. Also if you are ever in Miss Honey’s class just be prepared to not show anything pretty or colourful when she comes by. She is a threat to everyone. She likes things going her way, if she notices anything that is suspicious, get ready to get thrown out of the window. (Sheesh) She has a very stubborn chin, a punishing mouth, ugly teeth, wide arrogant eyes and overall she looks like a man. (She really needs to check up her teeth in the dentist.)
It shows that Miss Trunchbull is a baddie by the camera angle. The camera is usually angled upwards, making Miss Trunchbull bigger and powerful. The lighting also makes Miss Trunchbull scarier and realistic. Background music also helps the character seem frightening.
As I am about to conclude this all, these are the differences of a good character and a bad character, and how they appear to be a good character and a bad character. Thank you for your time.

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