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MATCHING 1. 1. D 2. B 2. 1. B 2. E 3. D 3. 1. D 2. B 3 . A 4. 1. F 2. D 3. B 5. 1. B 2. A 3. C 6. 1. B 2. D 7. 1. E 2. E 3. D 8. 1. B 2. A 3. C

ESSAY 1. In 12 Angry Men the norms of a group greatly impact the effectiveness of the group. In the beginning of the movie the norm was that everyone except Henry Fonda was not taking the case seriously. People had other places to go with little interest in being there. The people who were the most vocal and “annoying” were the people who set the norm of the group to begin with. However, quickly Henry Fond changed the norm of the group to a more serious environment, since they were talking about the life another person. When Henry Fonda took a leadership position of the group that is when the norms began to come into place and order arose. He set some guidelines and people were to follow them or they were called out. The norms that came of the group made it more effective. Some of these norms that arose is they had one person speak at a time and give there reasons why they sided the way they did. They used facts to back up there information. As time grew and they realized they were going to be there for a little while the norm was set to have respect for your elders (old man in particular) and to treat people with respect. When the garage owner (I think it was him) was out of line and yelling and being rude people put him in his spot, they turned their back to him because it was established that was not appropriate in the group.

The other lesson that was learned in 12 Angry Men was that when members don’t agree on the goal of their group, progress is hindered and conflict persists. This was shown throughout the movie while trying to reach an unanimous verdict. To begin it was 11 saying the boy was guilty 1 saying he was not guilty. People were all upset it wasn’t unanimous but Henry Fonda said he didn’t believe one way or another he just believed since they were dealing with someone’s life they should at least talk about it for a bit. The more they talked about the case, the more details they found to be questionable. People believed different things and when they were able to talk about it there ideas were being proven wrong or making them questionable. For example when Henry Fonda pulled out the knife that they said was so rare you were able to see that people were now beginning to question themselves and if the boy was really guilty. The more people argued and presented facts the more people were able to better reach the goal. By talking it out and having conflict they were able to see that the old lady who was the only witness could not have possibly seen what was going on because she doesn’t sleep with her glasses on. Or the old man upstairs said he heard the boy however, the train was passing and that would have been impossible. They were only able to have these facts proven wrong because they talked about it and until they reached a unanimous vote that the boy was not guilty.

2. I would apply Expectancy Theory to motivate this department by getting the employees to believe that if they put in more effort and try harder to handle more orders than as a department they will perform better. If they perform better and they are handling the most orders compared to the other department then there outcome will be better and they will be rewarded with a bonus. I would explain to them to do their job the best, what they could do to handle the most orders so they would be able to perform the best and receive a reward

3. The Slade Platting Department is more Theory Y. The employees in Sarto’s group are friends they enjoy working together. They socialize outside of work. The relationships and norms that have come out of the group are very close and distinct. Employees in this group have come up with the punch in punch out system which shows they make their own decisions. They get work done one their time schedule and have a lot of self direction. Sarto in particular has accepted a responsibility role where upper management comes to him for ideas and respects his thoughts.

When giving feedback it is important that the person giving the feed back be careful NOT to make receiver defensive because then it becomes more of an argument and people say things and act irrationally. When you act defensively usually it leads to argument and the conversation that was suppose to be had may not have ever been accomplished. Usually what is said are things that are normally withheld. If the receiver becomes defensive they may change work habit and be less productive, quit, act irrationally. If you can talk about everything in a calm manner, more is accomplished.

4. In the Unique Cards Exercise one of the motivation theories in round 2 that was present was Theory Y. We were able to create our own direction and make decisions how we wanted to create the cards rather than being given instructions. In addition we were able to accept responsibility for our own positions for what we did best in making the cards. There were no bosses and few rules. We could come up with our own pay and layout. Where as round 1 was more like Theory X. In addition, in round 2 the motivator and hygiene theory was applied. In round 1 our work was not meaningful we did not know what other groups were doing or what the final product looked like. In round 2 our work became more challenging, we wanted to actually make a card and meet our goal. Because we came up with the process and picked out our task it made our work very meaningful as well we had a purpose knew about any problems, how many cards we made. Since it was our own process and system there was a feeling of achievement and more responsibility that was not given in round 1.

5. The Composition of the Sarto Group made the group quite effective. They were not only all doing the most challenging and unpleasant jobs in the factory but they also worked near one another. They were able to develop norms and become good friends sharing everything. The group consisted of 8 people making it a good size for a group (under double digits).. They knew their boundaries and what was expected to be in group. You had to work hard as well. This group had the most uncomfortable, time consuming, physically demanding jobs that required the most experience so that brought them together as well.

6. When we talked about motivation in class I was able to see that the reason many of the people I work with are not producing as much work as they could be. I was able to see through the motivator hygiene theory that my department was being paid fine so they were experiencing no dis-satisfaction, however they were not being satisfied. To many people on my team they were not sure what they were doing and how it would effect the department and project as a whole. Two people specifically knew what they were doing but when I asked what it had to do with the project on a whole they had no idea. They were not satisfied because they had not feeling of achievement or opportunity for growth.

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