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I am a mature safe driver, even than I recently made a mistake. I got pulled over by a cop for not stopping for a school bus. Even being a careful driver that I am, I never saw this bus. I was driving on a twisty road, where you couldn’t see past next bend. I was driving slow and monitoring my surroundings but I got pulled over by a cop and he told me that he pulled me over for passing a school bus. This was a single lane, tree lined road and even though I was following all the signs and speed limits and being careful, I never saw this school bus. I am still not sure if the bus was on side road or some service road.
When I go in front of the judge, I will explain what happened from my point of view, and how sorry I am that I did not see the bus. I drive professionally and my lively hood depends on my clean record, which for the past many years, I have kept clean by driving and following all the laws and following safe driving practices. I have been driving by following the posted signs, being aware of my surroundings. I have even driven a school bus in the past, hence I am very careful to follow the rules. I will show the judge, my driving record to show that I have no DUIs or reckless driving charges in the past.
I will improve by being extra diligent, taking driving classes and applying what I have learned in my class on the road. I will be careful to be more aware of my surroundings and check my mirrors and check the vehicles in front of me every 5 to 10 seconds and be extra careful to follow all the traffic signals. I will go slower on twisty roads, but still driving safely, so I have more time to process and react to my surroundings.
What I have learned, is that no matter your age and experience, you can never be too careful. You need to be on the alert all the time and always be aware of your surroundings so you can be a safe and a good driver.…...