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Introduction :
Maxine Hong Kingston is an acclaimed author of several Books. She is a remarkable writer who showed the American world more than just the stereotypical view of the mystical and a magical China. Reflecting her history through her works has made her a famous feminist writer. Her passion for writing began at the age of nine and won her first award in a journalism contest at the University of California, Berkley at the age of 16.
Background History : Maxine Hong Kingston born in October 27, 1940.
She was the oldest third of 8 children
Her parents migrated from China.
Her first language was Say Yup, a Cantonese dialect. She grew up surrounded by immigrants from her father’s Village. Since an early age storytelling was part of her everyday life and later had a great impact of her writing.
Maxine Hong Kingston was a very dedicated and bright student. She won eleven scholarships which allowed her to attend at the University of California at Berkeley . She initially started as a engineering major but eventually switched to English Major. While attending College she meet her husband, an aspiring actor and they moved to Hawaii where they taught for ten years. In this book uses her experiences while growing up and combines them or mixes them together stories that her mother use to tell her in which incorporates Chinese culture, history, believes and myths.

The Woman Warrior
In 1976 while teaching creative writing at Mid-Pacific institute, Maxine Hong Kingston published “The Woman Warrior – Memories of a Girlhood Among Ghosts “. The book gives voice to most influential women in her life who she felt, voices never been heard.
(in this book Maxine Hong Kinston examines the cultural experience and struggles of Chinese-Americans, particularly the female identity of Chinese-American women. Rather than taking a rigid stance against a repressive Chinese tradition, The Woman Warrior considers examples of misogyny in Chinese culture while reflecting on the racism in the U.S. against Chinese-Americans.)
The Women warrior book became a worldwide sensation, winning the 1976 National Book Critic Circle Award for nonfiction.

China Men \
In 1980 Maxine Hong Kingston published “China Men” which was a continuation of “Woman Warrior “and received more controversial reviews. The book narrates the story of Chinese immigration through the experiences of the men in her family.
Kingston Also published poems, short stories and articles.
At 70, she has just finished “I love a Broad Margin To My Life, which is a poem that is as long as a book in which she writes about government, love, history, myth and imagination .,

Maxine Hong Kingston :
Today Hong Kingston is known as an exceptionally accomplished writer . She is also well know to be an activist.
Maxine Hong Kingston believes that Arts and nonviolence are limited tools to fight inequalities and violence. With her writings she strives to build through these projects more peaceful and loving communities.
Standing up and looking around, Kingston says: “ I’ve been writing since I would write. Now I’m 70. It’s wonderful and unexpected to have this freedom from the desire to write. Sometimes I think about how there was this little girl who decided my life for me. This little girl said, ‘I’m going to be a writer. “That determine my fate”

Citations: Hong Kingston, Maxine. The Woman Warrior. New York: Random House , Inc, 1976.
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During her distinguished career Kingston has received many recognitions the National Humanities Medal in 1997 and John Dos Passos Prize for literature.
China Men ? Works
Contributions to feminism thinking, books concepts etc. Bibliography Other Works Tripmaster Monkey The Fifth Book of Peace

"I began writing when I was nine.... I was in fourth grade and all of a sudden this poem started coming out of me. On and on I went, oblivious to everything, and when it was over I had written 30 verses. It is a bad habit that doesn't go away."

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