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Mba 501 Syllabus

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Ashland University
Organization Design, Development, and Change Management
MBA 501 (Hybrid/Classroom & Online)
Dauch Room 243
Fall 2015

Professor: Pat Berry, (MAOL), Adjunct Professor
Office Hours: Available via email, text, or phone, (330-336-4646)
Credit hours: 3
Class meeting times: Face to face meetings will be September 14, 28, October 12, 26, November 9, 23.
The alternating sessions after week September 14th, will be offered online via BlackBoard.
Prerequisites: MBA Foundations class or equivalent

Course Materials: Organization Development & Change, Thomas G. Cummings and Christopher G. Worley, 10th edition, (note the 9th edition is not the same).

Course Description:

This course explores the theories and concepts managers can apply, on their own or in collaboration with an OD consultant, to drive effective change management initiatives within their departments or organizations. The course examines how to create and enact positive change in business at the systems level by understanding the elements of organizational design as well as theories and models pertinent to organizational change. The course focuses on large-scale OD interventions as well as strategies and tactics managers can employ to plan, enact and monitor change within their spheres of influence. Topics covered in the course include: understanding the fundamentals of organizational design; systems thinking and its impact on the change process; defining OD and the dynamics of change in relationship to organizational culture; exploring core OD values in the context of globalization; various OD interventions used at the individual, group and organizational levels; and key issues managers should weigh to initiate and successfully manage change processes within their organizations.

Course content:

Topics include: a. Basic elements of...

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