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Identifying Key Leadership Principles and How They Relate to The Workplace

Professional Development MBA-525

Abstract Leadership in the workplace can be the defining factor that determines whether or not a business is successful. This paper serves to identify several different key leadership principles, how they can relate to each other, and how they can properly be utilized in the workplace. Understanding these concepts results in understanding how to lead employees and how to achieve success in business.

The skills required to be a successful leader carry over across a multitude of arenas. Included in these arenas is the workplace. In order to be a successful leader at work, individuals must first be well versed in the skills, also known as principles, which make up exceptional leadership. In addition, they must be familiar with the cohesive nature of these principles. Leaders must understand that although each principle is useful in its own right, these principles, when used in conjunction with each other can grow in strength. Research has shown that the individual principles required to be a successful leader are as countless as the stars in the galaxy. However, just like the constellations in a clear night’s sky, patterns emerge when similar principles are grouped together. When these groups of individual principles are identified and applied to the workplace, what emerges is strong leadership that has the potential for success in business. This paper will discuss several of these groups of principles, breaking down the leadership groups into individual principles, and showing how they are interconnected. Also discussed will be how these groups of principles can be applied to the workplace to ensure success in business. Being a successful leader in the workplace is not a task that is easily fulfilled....

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