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Anthony and Govindarajan (2007) explained that “resource deployment helps senior management make decisions regarding the use of the cash generated from some business units to finance growth in other business units” (p. 62). The BCG Growth-Share Matrix will provide a portfolio planning model for General Motors. The four categories will allow General Motors to review their vehicle types based on a combination of market growth and market share. Using Figure 1: The BSG Model, we will be able to identify General Motors recent performance in terms of market growth and market share, and determine which models should be held, built upon, harvested in the short-term, and divested.
Figure 1: The BSG Model At the year-to-date mark of 2012, “General Motors holds an 18.1% share of the total automotive market, putting total cars at 7.6%, total light trucks at 10.5%” (Wall Street Journal, 2012). Figure 2: General Motors: BSG Model will display General Motors market growth and market share in terms of vehicle type.

Figure 2: General Motors: BSG Model

Stars (Hold)
1. Sports Cars and Convertibles – The Chevy Camaro and Corvette account for one out of every three sports cars sold in the United States in 2011. Chevrolet accounted for 37 percent of the sports-car segment last year with the Chevy Camero. Chevrolet accounted for 28 percent of the luxury-sports-car segment in 2011 with the Chevy Corvette.
2. Pick-up Trucks - Chevrolet Silverado: 28% market share 2011 growing pickup market.
3. Hybrid/Electrical Sedans – The Chevy Malibu and the Chevy Volt are among the leaders in the Hybrid and Electrical automobile industry (
Cash Cows (Harvest)
1. Four Door Sedans – General Motors holds 19.4% of the market share for four door sedans (Motor Trend, 2012). They can use this leading market share to competitive positioning.…...

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