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Placement Notice

Sr. No. |Company Name |Profile |Spec. |Package |Location |Last Date for CV Submission |Web Site | |1 |MarketsandMarkets |Business Development Executive |Any postgraduate student with (60% and above in 10th , 12th & Graduation)

No % criteria for PGDM / MBA |3.00 LPA + Variables 1 LPA (CTC 4 LPA) |Pune |12th December 2013
10.00 a.m. | | | | |Research Associate | |Fixed 3.20 LPA + Variables 30K (CTC 3.5 LPA) |Pune | | | | Date 11th December 2013

Interested & Eligible students need to send their details in attached excel sheet along with their CV on by tomorrow, 12th December 2013, 10.00 a.m.
You can contact Prof. Manoj Mehrotra for any query related to this company.
1. Those who have earlier attended the selection process but not selected are not allowed to reappear.
2. Students who have earlier attended the PPT of the company but not participated in the selection process can apply for the same.

Following are the Job specifications
Education: Any postgraduate student with (60% and above in 10th, 12th & Graduation) No % criteria for PGDM / MBA.
Experience: Fresher can also apply; experience in any of the domains relating to our research domain is an added advantage

The Salary Details are mentioned below · For the Business Development Role –3.00 LPA + Variables 1 LPA (CTC 4 LPA)
· For Market Research Role- Fixed 3.20 LPA + Variables 30K (CTC 3.5 LPA)

For All positions the candidates have to sign a service agreement of 18 months

Position 1: Business Development Executive

Job responsibilities • Sales of syndicated market research reports & BD for consulting assignments. • Proactively analyze the client's requirement of market research reports and consulting assignment and pitch for relevant services. • Maximize revenues from the…...

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Thinking Inside the Box before was “How will I change my situation?”. As I thought deeper, the question evolved into “What do I really want?”, but still this doesn’t lead me to my main problem. Then I asked, “Why do I want something else?”. After series of analysis, I figured out that my main problem is just I don’t want to stop growing and learning as a person. That’s how I ended up here in the MBA program. I’m very happy now because with the help of MBA program (though still in progress) I was promoted as a Quality Control Associate. Taking the MBA program was I think the best solution for my problem. Brainstorming alone (if you can call such), or rather, thinking alone, is easier to conduct than brainstorming with a group. However, you cannot get much information. It took me more than a year that MBA program can be a solution! Brainstorming can be a faster way to improve and innovate not just intrapersonal but also in a small-medium-or-large group. In a brainstorming session, many are just “free-riders” especially if it’s a big group. Many, if not all, resist change as said in the article. I’m glad I’ve read this article because brainstorming is a great tool for innovation. We seldom do this in my workplace and I usually think for the improvement or innovation of our processes alone. Many analysts wouldn’t like to participate in a brainstorming session because all are busy with their quotas. It’s such a great thing to know that a simple reward or recognition can make a difference for them......

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