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Semester 1, 2014
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Sales Tracking and Customer Relations Analyses
To analyse a set of data (in Microsoft Excel), and write a brief report (in Microsoft Word), identifying and explaining your insights into the operation of “Ballarat Trade Fair Consultancy”.
Learning Objectives
In the process of this assessment task you will: * plan, schedule and execute project tasks with a view to improving your personal productivity; * gain awareness of some typical issues related to the operation of a small-to-medium size business; * use the functionality of Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 to manipulate data, analyse it and visualise it in tabular and chart form; and * use the functionality of Microsoft Word to write a brief report of your business observations and recommendations.
Ballarat Trade Fair Consultancy (BTFC) specialises in promoting and selling both (i) stand space at trade fairs and (ii) tickets for visitors to trade fairs in Ballarat area. The company currently promotes and sells two different sized stand spaces, to new or returning exhibitors, for a number of Trade Fairs locally and overseas. BTFC also provides a number of additional value-added services to exhibitors for fees, such as organising exhibitor stands, developing marketing material for exhibitors to distribute at fairs, arranging travel and/or accommodation for exhibitors, and hospitality/catering for exhibitors to offer their customers attending the trade fair. BTFC also organise visitor tickets for the trade fairs, which also provide commission income. All these activities are managed through the efforts of a number of sales representatives. The company’s founder, Ms Eliza Holt, like all small business owners, is always interested in finding ways to increase revenues and decrease expenses.
Ms Holt has recently hired you as her business…...

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