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career options
FALL 2013

Helping students find the MBA program and post-MBA career that is right for them.


Today’s MBA students come from all backgrounds 17 Networking 2.0: Social media strategies to make an impression

21 How to sell your

MBA education to employers Invest in yourself: the business case for MBA studies
With profiles of top Canadian business schools

Flip thne azi mag ore for m er
Care ns!

career options
FALL 2013


On average, the return on investment in an
MBA degree can be seen in four years or less


An investment in your future
By Tess Allen


career paths
Why students from all disciplines are pursuing MBAs
By Kayla Redstone

17 Networking 25 MBA
2.0: How to use social media to build valuable connections How to study from a distance

By Danielle Klassen

21 a job

after graduation
Advice from MBA experts and grads
By Meagan Campbell

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Ca reer O p t io n s M BA

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Three tips to get the most out of your MBA
What is...

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...regarding my decision to pursue an Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) degree to achieve a personal business goal. Next, I will discuss the description to construct and Support an Argument. Finally, I will discuss the considerations of the Jungian Personality self-assessment on how others perceive you. My decision to pursue my MBA I decided to pursue my Master’s Degree with University of Phoenix because I wanted to achieve another business degree before taking the next steps toward opening my own childcare center. Opening up my own childcare center has been a dream goal since I was a teenager. Once I graduate with my Master’s Degree there is a lady I know who already operates two Goddard School Franchises. Ms. Karen told me that when I am ready to take the first steps, such as finding a place, and getting a loan that she will be there to help guide me in the right direction such as giving me the first $25,000 as a down payment. After I do find a place, I plan on starting with infants and toddlers, this way I am able to get my name recognized around the city as a childcare center owner within my community where I live. Pros and Cons of getting my MBA As stated by Clouse, (2006, p. 433-434), “In argumentation, the writer offers evidence to support a claim about an issue. The more convincing the evidence, the more likely readers will agree.” When stating the pros and cons about pursuing my MBA is a life-changing, but rewarding moment, especially because......

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