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Mba(Ha)- Syallabus

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Syllabus-MBA (Hospital Administration)


Concept of Health and Disease • Concept of health & disease and well being. • Natural history of disease and role of hospitals to offer various levels of care • Prevention aspect of diseases • Dynamics of disease transmission • Changing pattern of diseases • Concept of health indicators

Preliminary Human anatomy and Physiology • Basic concepts of human anatomy • Basic concepts of human physiology

Suggested Reading:
Human Anatomy- Prof. Samar Mitra
Human Anatomy- Prof. A. K. Dutta
Text Book of Human Physiology- Dr. C. C. Chatterjee

Common Pathological Conditions • Basic concepts of pathogenesis of common diseases • Basic concepts of interpretation of investigations reports

Suggested Reading:
Robbin’s Textbook of Pathology – Robbin, Cotran, Kumar
Textbook of Microbiology – Ananantanarayan & Paniker

Basic concepts of Pharmacology: Commonly used Medicine in a hospital, Narcotic drugs, use and abuse of drugs. Dispensing of medicine,
Drugs store, drug stock / purchase of medicine, oxygen, I/V Fluid, Chemicals etc.

Suggested Reading:
Textbook of Pharmacology: Dr. K. D. Tripathi

PAPER – 2: Hospital Based Healthcare & Its changing scenario-Code MHA 102
Overview of Hospital • Concept of Modern Hospital & Privatization in Health Sector • Public Sector Hospitals and Level of care / offered facilities • Effects of Globalization in Health care • Concept of Corporate Hospital in developing countries • Infrastructure and lay out of an ideal corporate hospital • Functioning of modern hospitals & changing need of patients • Hospitality in Hospital Care • Invasive and non-invasive diagnostic facilities in modern hospital • Care offered in Specialty and Super...

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