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“FIGHT”—For a Better Future
Zhang Haitao SM 15204188

19th-Sep.2015 is a memorable day for me as I was re-enter in university after 7 years, I became a student again after I married and also been a father, this is one of the greatest milestone of my life.

To USTC, I really have a lot of emotions. When I was at middle school I was heard a lot of story about USTC, I know this is a great and special university at China. I really wish I can be the student of USTC, but I know that is impossible because I know that I can’t reach the admission scores. When I was the senior class at university, I was participated the USTC master entrance examination. But I was failed; I didn’t catch the admission scores. So I was thought, USTC for me is only a dream at my heart. A very scared place for me.

Last year, I want improve myself, I want be a master and have master degree. So again, at that time, the dream comes back again. I want be one part of USTC. So I apply the postgraduate enrollment examination again. But at that time, my wife is pregnancy and also I got a heavy workload at that time. I don’t have time for the examination preparation. I was giving up and didn’t want participate the exanimation. But in the end, my wife encouraged me to do a trial. Very fortunately, I reach the B line. Fortunately I pass the interview and became one part of MBA.

During the two days orientation learning. The schoolmaster, the lead of USTC Management college and the outstanding schoolfellows was delivery the speech during these two days. These two days let me know more about USTC, let me know how about future MBA life. I am very excited and looking forward for the next 3 years.

One of the outstanding schoolfellow Mr. Wang’s speech give me a very deep imprint. He mentioned, you must very clear why are you choose MBA, what’s your really purpose for reading MBA. You will got what you expect. If you only want get a degree after 3 years, sure, you will get the degree. If you want build some relationship or network, you will got this after 3 years. But if you have more high level expectation, this expectation also will comes true. You expectation will decide what you get after 3 years.

I fully agree with this point, so I also ask myself, why I want read MBA. I think, one word can summary this, this word is ”FIGHT”

Full: As the age increase and also when working and communicate with more people, I really realize that I am lack of knowledge. This kind of lack is making me very anxious. So I need full myself. I need learn more things to fulfill myself. But I was left school for a long while, and it is very difficult for me to learning systematically. Especially after I have a child. All my attention is given to my family. Also I was lost the passion on study. This became my Achilles’s heel. The only chance for me to get back study is I go back to university again, give me an environment for study and also push me to spend more time on study.

Improve: I was working around 7 years; at beginning, my job only needs me focus on the technical, the job overview and the interface is simples and limit. But now my working content was lean to management, and the working interface became wide. The working content and the interface changed are pushing me to do some change. I need improve myself on management awareness, project management, and communication skills… I know all these kind skills can learn during the working, and on job learning is quite good methods. But the on job learning is experience learning. I can learn how to do, but I don’t know why I should do like that. Is there any theory to support this? The theory can help me to verify my experience. Besides and the important is the theory can guide me when I am confused and help me to avoid crooked road during my life. The university is the right place for learn the theory. So this is the reason why I came back to class again.

Grow: this means a lot for me. First I need grow up. I am at the gold time of my career. I have experience, not too young. I still have passion, not decadence. But I understand if I want get more at my job, I need continue grow up myself. As I mentioned I would like full myself, I would like improve myself. All of this is to help I grow up at my career.
On the other hand, my daughter is only 9 months old. All the parents are wishing the kid grow up healthily. And all the parents will give the best education to the kid. As my daughter grows up, I need pay more time to teach her. And the best education is the parents’ words and deeds. I would like to be a good example for her. But I know. The current working and life speed is too fast, all the society full of fickleness, as the adult, we can’t avoid impact from this; I might also be fickleness and lose peace sometime. This is really bad for kid grow. But the school is a place which is out of the society, and it can let you put yourself down. Be patients and peacefully. This status will take to the normal life. The university also will teach you respect, respect the teacher and classmate, respect the knowledge, and respect the life. I will cascade this to my daughter through myself. I believe, 3 year study will give good memory for me, also for good memory for my daughter.

Human: this is also one important reason for me to join the MBA. This human does not only means the human resource, relationship and human network. I know this important, but not so important as the schoolfellow Mr. Wang said during the orientation speech. The most important for me is to know more great classmates, especially at IMBA. We already organize some teambuilding during the orientation. We introduce ourselves and start to know and remember each other. Our classmates are young with passion, and all willing to cooperation and communication. All of them are smart, you also will became more smart if make friends with smart people. You will found the advantage and shining characteristic of your classmates, and learning from them, through their advantage your will find your disadvantage are, this is a mirror for me to change yourself to became an awesome man.

Terrace (platform): Through 7 years society experience. I realize how important about the platform. At my job, company is my platform. I was working at 3 companies; each company offer me a different platform, and different platform offer me different view, these 3 platforms is like steps, each platform is necessary for next platform. All of these platforms help me grow up to now. Platform can give you different view. Platform can also offer you more opportunity.
For me, USTC is great platform for me for at my current phase. This platform can help me to build my knowledge hierarchy. This platform can give me a high view of working and life. This platform can offer me more opportunity to meet other great people.

FIGHT is the summary for me why I became a student again after 7 years. All of above reasons drive me to make this choose. I hope I can get all my expectation after 3 years. This word also gives a summary what should I do at the rest of my life. But now I have family, I have job to care. So time is very precious for me currently, especially the weekend. Now I choose spend weekend at university, I must use this time more efficiency. In order to improve the study efficiency, the important thing is balance.

I need balance my work and study. We are special as normal student. Our main task is the work, we can only use part time for study. It is certain that sometime the workload will became very heavy. It is certain that we will meet a lot of trouble at work. It is certain that the work will impact your emotion. All of this will take your study time, will impact your study enthusiasm. This is what we need overcome, we need avoid the work interfere the study, always be patience for study. Beside, work and study can be supplement for each other. Study can help working more efficiency, can coach you and guide you when you are confused at working. Other hand, work can help you to understand and verify your study. So we must closely integration the work and study. This is the right way for balance and integration and will improve both.

I also need balance my family and study. As a husband and father, I should speed more time to my family. Especially I was work at another city, I only back to Hefei during this weekend. This is the only time I can stay with my family. But I chose spend my weekend at school. I know this is not fair for my family. But very fortunate, my wife give me her fully support on this. So I should take more time to care my family, because the family is the basic for our life.

At last I would like to say, Be a member of MBA students, be a member of USTC student it is a great honor for me. I need cherish this chance, and make theses 3 years more valuable. Let us keep FIGHT, just for a better future.

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