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Mba Rational

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MBA Rational
Richard Bowman

In this paper the subject to address are the objections to obtain an MBA and argue the points with reason to obtain an MBA. The three main objections to entering an MBA program are: 1) Cost 2) Time and effort required 3) Job availability in the current economic slowdown. Each argument against obtaining an MBA is countered with evidence that supports reasoning to obtain an MBA at almost any time, personal situation or career position.

MBA Rational
While an MBA might improve your quantitative, presentation, and communication skills, it might even get you thinking about ethics and strategy. However, one to two years of case studies aren’t going to turn you into a leader if you weren’t born one. There’s no learning charisma, persuasiveness, elegance, or gut instinct. This is why an MBA is no guarantee of advancement or even a job. Many MBAs find that they are not advancing and that, even in some circumstances, that they cannot find a job at all. This can be a very unfortunate situation, and yet it is important to acknowledge as a possibility for anyone going into an MBA program. This is particularly true in a down economy. Quitting your job to get an MBA, therefore, has risks that are important to acknowledge.
Throughout my career, I've been in mainly in the financial services. My Bachelor's is in Business Management. I enjoy the creativity and personal interaction that the industry offers; however, I've recently become interested in taking my career in more of the Social Media/Internet Marketing/Market Research Direction. I see this industry to be in its infant stages and can see that to be able to really "break in", I will need an MBA. I believe that an MBA is a universal benchmark that allows employers to understand my background in strategy and knowledge of all functional areas which could make me a stronger candidate for much more senior strategic positions later on. "The vast majority (93%) of class of 2011 alumni indicated the job they took after graduation was exactly what they were looking for," (Byrne, 2012). If an employer has two equally qualified candidates in a business, and must promote one to an open position, I believe they will almost invariably give it to the MBA over the non-MBA. The MBA offers confidence in the choice, and allows an employer to justify their decision. The other factor to take into consideration is the expected bump in pay. "The average salary for full-time MBAs in the Class of 2011 - those that actually had jobs - was $79,806," (Lavelle, 2012). The question of whether or not to pursue an MBA for me really came down to a question of time. By this, I mean the taking a lower position that will allow me to keep work, at work. Taking a higher position at this point, I believe, would have been more than I could handle as these are usually not 9-5 jobs and require being available after working hours. I have taken a position now with a rapidly growing start up that understands my commitment to school and encourage me to do well by covering a portion of my tuition. For me, cost does not factor in the equation for the fact that I am using my GI Bill for tuition. Any costs not covered by my GI Bill are covered by my employer. The fact that I will not pay any actual money for completing my MBA makes my ROI much more statistically appealing.

Conclusion So in summary, I think an MBA is worthwhile, provided you go in with the right expectations. In the end, it’s a practical degree in almost every way. I believe that it will no be a career maker, but a career enhancer for me.

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