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|Code No. |Course Title |L |T |P |C |
|BA9101 |Statistics for Management |3 |1 |0 |4 |
|BA9102 |Economic Analysis for Business |4 |0 |0 |4 |
|BA9103 |Total Quality Management |3 |0 |0 |3 |
|BA9104 |Organizational Behaviour |3 |0 |0 |3 |
|BA9105 |Communication Skills |3 |0 |0 |3 |
|BA9106 |Accounting for Management |3 |1 |0 |4 |
|BA9107 |Legal Aspects of Business |3 |0 |0 |3 |
|BA9108 |Seminar I – Management Concept |0 |0 |2 |1 |
| |Total | | | |25 |


|Code No. |Course Title |L |T |P |C |
|BA9121 |Operations Management |3 |0 |0 |3 |
|BA9122 |Financial Management |3...

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...Strategic Marketing Management MBA5320 E Fall 2013 Professor Office Telephone E-Mail Office Hours Class Location Class Hours Simin Foster, Ph.D., MBA Desmarais 5140 Contact via e-mail By appointment (confirm via e-mail) Desmarais 4170 Thursday 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm Weight on Final Grade 15% 15% 10% 15% 20% 25% Course Deliverable Case 1 – Black & Decker (A) Case 2 - Marketing Simulation Case 3 – A Case for Brand Loyalty Case 4 – Online Marketing at Big Skinny Peer-to-Peer Learning Experience Final exam Due Date September 19 Part A: September 26 Part B: October 3 Par November 14 November 21 A. February 7 To be assigned To be announced Please note that all assignments must be submitted via Turnitin™ in addition to hard copy. COURSE DESCRIPTION The objectives of this course are to demonstrate the role of marketing in the company; to explore the relationship of marketing to other functions; and to show how effective marketing builds on a thorough understanding of buyer behavior to create value for customers. Using lectures, case studies, and class discussions, students learn how to control the elements of the marketing mix—product policy, channels of distribution, communication, and pricing—to satisfy customer needs profitably. The Telfer MBA distinguishes itself by training students to Lead High Performance Organizations. Successful firms are those that integrate the objectives and resources of the organization with the needs and opportunities...

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