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McDonald’s applies a top down strategy which is Used to provide information from a higher level to a lower level, Managers of McDonalds work on training their staffs locally and globally in order to unify the work processes and services through in a hierarchical way. For instance, as a head of the restaurant, there is a "store manager" with, a number of "managers", often four or five, because it takes at least one of them to be present continuously throughout the duration of opening the restaurant. So each one in the operation is followed or instructed by a decisive instructions made by his or her top manager.
Regarding the 5 Ps of the McDonald’s operations strategy:
PURPOSE: the strategy of McDonald’s aims to deepen and enrich its relationship with consumers through three axes which are knowledge, sharing and fun by focusing on the consistent quality of their products and services as well as controlling their resources continuously in order to develop their operations strategy.
PARTICIPATION: in McDonald’s organization there are several participants that participate in the implementation of the process who are: staff that are responsible for making decisions, employees for following the steps given by their top managers, as well as suppliers for providing the raw materials to McDonald’s and finally customers for buying the meals offered.
POINT OF ENTRY: is the point in where McDonald’s stated its process of implementation in terms of defining the work plan, management structures and so on. Also this restaurant started local and went through a global market.
PROJECT MANAGEMENT: McDonald’s has focused on a good implementation’s management as this point was based on an effective coordination of the implementation program.
PROCESS: it is concerned on the way of creating McDonald’s strategy on through different…...

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