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Mcafee Spyware Blocker

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McAfee Spyware Blocker McAfee, an Intel company, has been an industry leader for antivirus software to protect personal computers for many years. The company has expanded its services from protecting computers to also protecting cellular browsing as well, the software can be used on the iPhone, and Android phones.
McAfee is introducing a new line of software designed specifically for Android and iPhone devices to block unwanted spying from applications downloaded on the mobile devices. McAfee Spyware Blocker will target applications designed to collect personal and private information. The applications on the users phone that are targeted are; photos, email, browsing history, camera, contacts, passwords, and all information posted in mentioned applications.
Mission Statement McAfee Spyware Blocker for the iPhone and Android follows the same mission as the products for its personal computer software. Our mission for the McAfee Spyware Blocker application is to protect each client’s identity and personal information while using their mobile device with an advanced innovative software program designed to protect all information on the mobile device. The McAfee Spyware Blocker will filter all movements on mobile devices and warn the user with unwanted tracking, or spying from developers of applications. This also includes third party applications such as the popular Facebook, Pinterest, Yelp, Instagram, and other social media sites who require access to the users information.

Customer Need As the first of its kind, McAfee Spyware Blocker, has set itself apart from other spyware blockers. The software provides protection on mobile devices, and from unwanted sharing of information when downloading applications. The software creates a separate profile based on user preferences, which block all real information of the user. It then forces...

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