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Problem Definition

SDLC - is the process of creating or altering systems, and the models and methodologies that people use to develop.






• MCB was used in house development System MIBS • PROBLEMS
 System Not Integrated  Each Branch have their own Server  Mostly Work done Manually and at the end of day a KPO entered the voucher  Each branch maintain separate customer account in separate


• After defining the Problems MCB requires a new System. • System which overcome all these problems • System which are fully integrated in the branch and also connected with the other branch • System which required no duplication of customer record • The customer account can be operated from any MCB branch • The system which have a less manual work Proposed System The Proposed system was AMBIT

• AMBIT system was integrated extended enterprises banking system developed by a software company in SINGAPURE • MCB name the AMBIT system “SYMBOLS PROJECT” • In Symbols Project initially six modules and then additionally four modules was designed
Branch Teller Deposits Kernel Fund Transfer Knowledge Manager General Ledger Customer Lending Limit Control Domestic Payment Foreign Exchange

• In First step of testing MCB sent their Key Employees to Singapore for thoroughly study of Symbols Project and training. • In Second step MCB choose Alpha Testing and hire a company from local market to evaluate the Symbols Project. • Initially Two Problems identified • System not support Profit & Loss offered by commercial banks in Pakistan • Deduction of Zakat. After customizing the problems MCB run the system for BETA Testing in Sheikh Sultan Trust Building Karachi successfully

• After completing the Testing the Symbols Project was initially implemented in 104 branches successfully. • MCB choose the Parallel Implementation Method • Implementation Team were setup in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad dividing the country in three geographical region of South, Central, and North




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