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Mcbride Concepts

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|Concept |Application of Concept in the Scenario |Reference to Concept in Reading |
|Shift in Corporate Power |By appointing a board that is approved by the investor, this effective shift|“…But, in the last decade, and especially |
|from CEO to Stakeholders |will occur. In today’s business environment the board plays an active role |in the past five years, boards of directors|
| |in decisions as opposed to simply providing rubber stamps. |of large publicly traded corporations have |
| | |begun to shed their passivity and |
| | |dependence. The evolution of boards from |
| | |managerial rubber- stamps to active and |
| | |independent monitors has been in large part|
| | |the result of efforts to address or avoid |
| | |serious problems with corporate performance|
| | |associated with managerial entrenchment.” |
| | |(Chew & Gillan, 2004, p.177). |
| |...

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