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McClusky’s Theory of Margin proves even though a person has reached age maturity, there is still room for learning. The benefits of this theory can be used as a simple guidance tool on a daily basis. Thus the tool is not to be taken as a crystal ball, as this will not tell you how you would learn, however it will allow to put in perspective what areas we would need to focus on to get a gratifying outcome. The benefits can be measured with a simple formula L/P=M. With this method we can overcome the struggles that an adult learner can encounter. This tool can be used in a variety of ways; in this paper we will apply this to our daily life. We can begin by dissecting this method so we can understand how to then apply it.
Many would say that “you can’t teach old dog new tricks,” with the McClusky’s Theory of Margin, that statement can clearly be debunked. The theories without a doubt show that not only can adults learn new information it also demonstrates how one can establish a harmony throughout the adult learning process. Why an adult would choose to further their knowledge? There can be different stages in one’s life that could prompt this, personal development, job enhancement, complete educational gap, or just joining the job market. Whatever the reason may, be there are methods to accomplishing this successfully. Research has shown one can control our outcome by creating a balance with (L) load, consisting of life’s requirements (such as family, work, and community responsibilities), (P) power allows one to deal with the load. “Margin in life” is the ratio of both load and power. (McClusky, 1970)
As adults we have to adjust to multiple responsibilities and demands on a daily basis. The way that I find the margin of power needed to overcome load and be successful in the Criminal Justice Administration Program begins with my self evaluation. I am a single parent...

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