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Mcdonal Ford Dealership

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The case begins with June Miller, who entered a used cars dealership named McDonalds’s Ford where their sales person, John Alexander approached her.
June is doubted by the looking at mileage meter of the car that it has been set back. Alexander tried to convince her that 20,000 were the real mileage of that particular car but it didn’t really look like she was convinced. He then asked how much she travels and what kind of a car does she need. Good mileage was important to her as she has to the car quite often. He showed a few more cars that would suit her but she was reluctant and she asked him for his visiting card. She perceived a risk as well as she not convinced, so, she left by saying that she will get back to her.

Q1. Describe the situation and the buyer's apparent needs.
The case demonstrates a situation in which a car salesman is attempting to understand the needs of a potential customer and the risk she perceives in purchasing a car. He asks questions pertaining to the use of the car, size, fuel economy, etc. to gain knowledge about the buyer. After the seller begins to understand what the buyer is looking for, he then shows her possible options that meet her criteria; however, she was very reluctant about any of the cars and decided to continue shopping around. More over the buyer’s remark “What was it before you set it back?” clearly stats the doubt the buyer has.
The buyer has little product knowledge, bad attitude toward a used car, and may believe the salesperson is not trustworthy. In a nutshell she perceives a risk.
Her perceptions may be distorted because of several barriers namely: 1. Selective exposure-only listen to what is of interest.
2. Selective perception-she may discount the good features stressed by the salesperson. 3. Selective retention-once she leaves, she will forget everything the salesperson has told her.


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