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Mcdonald's Marketing Case

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McDonald’s Corporation Marketing Plan
Susie Ransom

This paper discusses McDonalds Marketing Plan for the future. Below I will cover the goals and objectives of their current and future coals for the corporation. Topics that will be discussed include the Situation Analysis, customer environment, competition, economic growth and stability, political trends, technological advancements, sociocultural trends, marketing goals and objectives, marketing strategy, marketing implementation and finally the timeline in which it will take McDonalds to implement these goals.

Executive Summary
McDonalds is known as the world number one selling Fast Food Company. They serve their famous burgers and fries in over one hundred countries around the world. While the majority of their restaurants are stand alone, they also have many franchises that are owned by everyday people like me and you. Their franchises have been their ticket to success; they are the top in the fast food industry because they stay unified in quality and marketing aspects. No matter which type of restaurant, whether corporate or franchised owned. Although, McDonalds are number one in the industry, in order to stay in their position they need to increase sales through expanding into new markets. They have been successful in the past in China and other markets. One of their strengths lies in their versatility to adapt to the culture of foreign markets. By serving traditional cuisine along with McDonald’s original menu items they can successfully target other backgrounds. Their competitors include most all fast food chains that serve meals quite like McDonalds and focus on convenience and price. Unlike some of their competitors, McDonalds has struggled with successfully introducing new menu items. They tend to be adventurous in products they want to introduce. Some of those...

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