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Mcdonald's " Seniors" Restaurant

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1. McDonald's " Seniors" Restaurant
Question: Evaluate Quinn McMahon's current strategy regarding senior citizens. Does this trip strategy improve this McDonald's image? What should she do about the senior citizen market--that is, should she encourage, ignore, or discourage her seniors? What should she do about the bingo idea?
Response: The main focus on seniors has increased the amount of senior citizens within his restaurant. One concern is that most patrons come in and then leave however the seniors will often stay for a longer period of time. In addition, during special events between 100 hundred 50 seniors jam the McDonald's for the special offers and the seniors have steadily increased since then. The seniors often treat the McDonald's as a meeting place and again stay for extended periods of time. Quinn has established a more personal relationship with the senior customers. The senior customers a more polite and neat while dining. Quinn has concern that the restaurant will become quote “old people's” restaurant. Quinn is considering bingo games during slow morning hours which is popular among some seniors and could be a further source of revenue.
Quinn's current strategy regarding seniors seems to be a good idea in that he is increasing his sales. He is creating an environment that is friendly and gives an alternative to the typical fast food establishment. I believe that if Quinn continues to market towards his senior group he would continue to increase his profits, and other segment groups will likely find the atmosphere more inviting. In regards to the bingo, Quinn could test the game and see if doing so has a negative or positive effect. In all, Quinn has established a marketing strategy that focuses in on seniors however what's to say that he could not utilize a marketing strategy for other groups of people.
Chapter 1, Question 17: Give an example of...

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