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Many people all over the world equate the Golden Arches with the company named McDonald’s. Who has not heard of this restaurant’s name? Some may think McDonald’s is the greatest food service retailer or perhaps the worst company that could have evolved in Canada and the United States. There are more than just hamburgers and french fries in the world of McDonald’s. Perhaps the most popular misconception tends to gear towards the obesity epidemic in North America. People seem to neglect the positive efforts contributed by McDonald’s and dwell on the negative issues brought upon by consumers.

The main issue is daily and/or regular consumption of McDonald’s may lead to health complications. You are what you eat. McDonald’s food is inexpensive, prepared quickly, tasty and readily available. Fast and convenient foods have become the choice of most time conscious people. While people may be quick to criticize McDonald’s for their burger and fries, McDonald’s is the first fast food restaurant to supply nutritional information on their packaging.

Interests include those who have a preference towards the issue. So when it comes to obesity, whose problem is it? Certain times people do not want to blame themselves, so one seeks someone else to blame. Who is it to blame then? Possibly you, considering you choose what you eat and you walked into the restaurant on your own. The restaurant and food choices are often the first areas looked at by individuals and groups when considering blame for obesity. Many people argue that the restaurant serving unhealthy foods are to blame. However, each person is making his/her own personal choice of what to eat when they walk into a restaurant. It is a personal responsibility. If you are a child, perhaps you might want to blame your parents.

Some institutions are specific to an individual country; for example, Health Canada’s food guide…...

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