Mcdonalds Ethic

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McDonalds Ethic

What is Ethics in business? The term Ethics in business refers to the morals, values, and beliefs that a company believes is the right way to doing business. This involves the way they handle customers and the quality of product that is being offered.
The first function of management is planning which lays the foundation for the remaining functions. Now what McDonald’s plan to do is be as healthy as possible. This new idea is their attempt to make a list items on their menu with low calories. The idea is to wage a war against overweight people while offering good food at low price.
Organizing this plan is about the setup and how they are going to delegate the task of implement these new foods. Shipping to all the stores and surveying people to get ideas on what to put on their menu needs to be setup.
Directing the subordinates and influencing their ideas on this war against obesity is the next step in McDonalds plan. The idea here is to get more and more people on board with the healthier side on McDonalds in order to produce hirer profits. Profits and the moral beliefs of Mounds are hoping to attract more and more investors who want to open stores in their home locations.
Now the overall effect of McDonald’s war against bad foods needs to be monitored and watched. If the idea fails in the eyes of the people and these items are not being capitalized on then they will slip off the menus. McDonalds is trying to create a menu that attracts all but will not keep unwanted goods on the shelf.
McDonald’s believes that reducing portion sizes and adding foods less than 400 calories will help those who want to lose weight. Their belief is that, with advertising and marketing, good food at cheap prices does not have to be bad for a person’s health. “We trust our customers to make the choices that are best for them.” (Unnamed McDonald’s spokesman)…...

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