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Mcdonalds Marketing Plan

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McDonalds marketing plan
University of Victoria
Daniel Carter


Table of contents

Page 0 = Cover page.
Page 1 = table of contents.
Page 2 = executive summary.
Page 3 = Introduction & Background
Pages 4-6 = Competition analysis.
Page 7 = References.
Pages 8 = Appendix.

Executive Summary

McDonald’s brand is one of the best worldwide. The McDonald’s Corporation is a “Centralized, International company”, they compete in the fast food industry supplying hamburgers, French fries and other consumable items using standardization, heavy expansion and branding as the driving force. Today McDonald’s operates over 30,000 restaurants worldwide in over 121 countries.
McDonald’s marketed an intense, rapid expansion into foreign countries through three primary methods, franchising, joint ventures, and company owned restaurants. With most of the international restaurants coming from franchising agreements, McDonald’s management relied on this franchising method to aid in the acceptance of a new style of eating into unfamiliar markets. With minimal risk and maximum gains, franchising continues to add heavily to McDonald’s international success.
With a centralized, international structure, McDonald’s keeps a close hold on operations, cost and quality. With an ethnocentric management strategy, McDonald’s relies on home based logic and attitudes and transfers them to their international outlets and restaurants.
In order for McDonalds to control its overseas operation, McDonald’s uses a combination of two approaches. The majority of control would fall under the rules approach, meaning that control lies with headquarters creating procedures and policies for the subsidiaries to follow. However, there is...

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