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Mcdonlad's Business Strategy

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McDonlad's has a nice business strategy that they follow and its helping them making good business. Having their customers as one the most important strategy of the company is really good. Customers play a big role in succeeding the business. with no customer satisfaction you will have no business at all. This could make them on top on other business if they know how to implant it right in their business. Also staffing the right people in the right positions is important along with satisfying their employees' will provide their customers a good customer service. If the employee is satisfied with what he/she does and with the company he/she works with, then this will result a good customer service and good business which means great profit for the company and good compensation for the workers. Its like a formula you have to implant it in the business.

Human resources is a huge field in any business. It plays a huge role in making a great business. Staffing, compensation, training and hiring are major stations in any business and the foundations for it to be successful. having the right worker in the right place with great background and satisfactions are the main keys. McDonald hires teenagers, those young people are full of energy and Mcdonald is their first job for the majority. They work their way through and move up to higher positions as they are energetic which i think its smart to hire people like that because they compensations aren't that much.

Some possible talent-related threats that could eat away at McDonald’s competitive advantage is that their employees aren't that experienced with their field as they keep hiring teenagers. Management skills and experience area could be used by their competitors. Since the company has identified its people practices and approaches that substantially impact the firm’s turnover, productivity, customer...

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