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Mcminn 4mat Review

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Counseling 506: 4 Mat Review
Liberty University
Martha J Meek

Summary Dr. Mark McMinn (1996) discusses in his book Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling, the importance of combing the three and creating a way that will help the counselor reach the client. His book is broken apart in several different chapters that explain and reflect on religion in the counseling office, psychological, spiritual health, prayer, Scripture, sin, confession, forgiveness, and redemption. McMinn gives scenarios throughout his book on various different situations and what the counselor should do in these situations. Religion in the counseling office is important, but McMinn stresses the importance of consent before using prayer. He states that often the client becomes too dependent on the counselor. The counselor can silently pray for the client outside the office. McMinn states “the question is not how we understand the relationship between psychology and theology but how we practically use the Christian faith in our counseling” (McMinn p. 26). Psychological and spiritual health is very important. McMinn designed a detailed map of spiritual and psychological health. The map gives examples of faulty sense of self by being self-absorbed, and having a lack of self-restraint. There is an example of faulty relationships, where a person can become dependent. There is an example of a faulty awareness of the need to play the victim role. McMinn describes Imago Dei and how that if humans are to love God then humans must love other humans that God has created. McMinn stresses the importance of prayer, both for the counselor and the client. The counselor can pray with the client in counseling sessions, or chose to pray in private for the client. The spiritual maturity of the counselor is a consideration. A counselor cannot be effective if they...

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