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Me and My Family

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Analysis interpretation of ’Me and my Family’
“Me and my Family” is a short story from 1997. The narrator is a third-person limited narrator and is subjective because it conveys the thoughts, feelings, opinions of the father, Stew. So when the narrator is subjective, we only see the story from one side and therefore we cannot verify if the narrating is true.
Beside Stew, we have Masha who is the wife of Stew and mother of Kitty. Kitty plays an important and great role in this short story. Apart from the family, we hear a bit from Norm (an acquaintance of the father) and other irrelevant people.
Kitty has been living in South Carolina and is described as quiet, untactful and aggressive (p. 2, l. 25) by the narrator. When Kitty became a teenager, it has just gone downhill. She came out as lesbian when she was 16 (p. 2, l. 37) and that did not exactly help her relationship with her father.
With downhill, the narrator describes; “He did not remember precisely when it had happened, but Kitty, his beautiful, happy little girl, turned into a glum, weird teenager that other kids picked on. She got skinny and ugly. ” (p. 2, l. 40). The quote illustrates one of the themes of the story that is the poor relationship between father and daughter and their quarrels, as can be seen on page 3, line 86: “He grabbed her and shook her, but he could not shake the conviction off her face.” However, this is from the father’s perspective. As mentioned before, we never get to hear Kitty’s side of the story.
The father does not have any clue about Kitty’s life. He has never heard of Kitty’s writing, only that she was making animal statuettes, which she sells on commission in South Carolina. (p.2, l. 20) So, when he discovers Kitty’s article in Self, (p.1, l. 11) he gets frustrated, even though he does not know what it contains.
Two themes in the short story is ‘homosexuality versus...

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