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When I was younger, I watched cars zoomed back and forth. I saw people riding bicycles and rollerblades while they strolled along the streets. What caught my attention was the airplane that flew across the sky that disappeared over the horizon. I always wondered what it would be like to travel to another place and experience another country's culture. It would be fun to go to South America, Australia, Europe, or even China. Well, I had my opportunity in 7th grade to go to France in Europe, and what I remembered from this trip was an injury that I probably would not forget.
The place I stayed in France was a house not too far from Paris. It was in the rural areas of France, but it was a lovely place. My friend, Julien, showed me around the house and introduced me to his family. They were all very kind. Everything was going smoothly and I waited for the upcoming days of excitement.

One day, on a weekend, Julien gathered some friends to have a picnic and to go on a bike journey. There were a total of 6 including me, 4 guys and 2 girls. Julien lent me one of his bikes, which was not the best because the wheels kept jamming, but usable. On the way, we stopped at stores to pick up snacks and accessories. We even stopped by a shop that had all kinds of explosives and fireworks. At this point I was really excited because in the shop were small dynamites, the size of USB drives to rockets that would shoot in the sky to make pretty sparkles in the sky. I eagerly paid for several boxes of small dynamites and a lighter.

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