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1. Should auditors evaluate the soundness of a client’s business model? Defend your answer.
The engagement team should understand the business model in order to an understanding of the business activities and to properly evaluate and issue an opinion.

2. Identify and briefly describe the specific fraud risk factors present during the 2000 NextCard audit. How should these factors have affected the planning and execution of the engagement?
First of all, the nature of NextCard operations was very risky. The fact that they authorized credit to customers without properly analyzing their credit report history was the reason of the losses. NextCard was primarily concern of having a large amount of customers regardless of the risk. Because NextCard was on online business, they should execute more caution when accepting clients.
The audit engagement had the responsibility to have a clear understanding of the risk that NextCard was operating in and to establish a low detection risk due to a high risk of material misstatement.

3. What are the primary objectives an audit team hopes to accomplish by preparing a proper set of audit workpapers?
By preparing a proper set of audit workpapers, the audit team ensures that an audit plan was properly follow, and that the account balances and events were properly audit. These workpapers serve as backpack for the submitted opinion.

4. Identify the generally accepted auditing standard violated by the E&Y auditors in this case. Briefly explain how each standard was violated.
Several of the generally accepted auditing standards were violated by the E&Y auditors. Regarding the Standards of Field Work, for instance, Robert Trauger failed to adequately plan the work and to properly supervise any assistants. Oliver Flanagan did not have sufficient understanding of the entity, its environment, its internal…...

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... think I was about four or five back then. The thing about churches in Vietnam is that they’re not big enough for everyone, so we decided to stand under a tree. There were orchids on it but I couldn’t take them as they were too high. He told me to closed me eyes and prayed for God and I would have an orchid. I did what he told me to and then when I opened my eyes, my Dad gave me an white orchid. It was beautiful and we did this every time we went to the church. I know that this is not really an amazing story, but it’s special to me. What can I say? I was just a kid and kids believe almost everything adults say. I think that was the moment when I started to believe in God. Back when I used to follow my beliefs in God, I did everything what Christian people do. I went to the church every Sunday, prayed to God and be a good person. Those are the most Commons things that people who are Christian in my country do. However, at this moment, I just try to be a better man not only for everyone but also for myself. I don’t go to church and pray to God anymore. I don’t know and don’t care if my action is a sin or not, as long as I’m a good person, I’m okay with it. I used to read the Bible a lot. I read them before going to bed every night. Sometimes, I just sat quietly in front of a picture or a statue of God. Sometimes, I prayed to him for the thing I want such as toys and good grades at school. For now, I don’t do any of...

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...My name is Pamela and I am 18 years old, I just recently graduated from my hometown high school in May of 2011. I chose to get my degree online because I work 2 jobs to support myself since I have neither of my parents and I’ve had to raise myself. The reason that I’m trying to get my degree is for my older brother to be proud of me he is the one person that has showed me that it can be done being a sergeant in the army and recent grad from college with his new profession of a police officer showed me that it can be done, and as he said himself it can be done. I also chose it so I can be a role model to my 14 year old brother and we can lead him to the right path. I currently work at a pharmacy and in the day I take care of my nieces but I will be starting to work at a hospital as a patient access representative. I feel like everything happens for a reason and well I wasn’t entirely sure of doing an online program at the beginning. So one day when I was out job hunting a advertising for the University of Phoenix came up and that’s when I decided to give them a call. That’s when I met my advisor Kim and we instantly clicked, and that’s how started school at the University of Phoenix. I chose the medical field profession because it has always been a passion of mine and I really feel that I can help people everything about the medical field profession fascinates me and keeps more motivated to keep going. Well that’s my story....

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