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Me Talk Pretty One Day Analysis

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In this article, “Me Talk Pretty One Day” it is talking about the time in David Sedaris's life when he went back to school in Paris to learn the language of French. Sedaris uses fear in this piece. He fears his first day of class as he anticipates his turn to answer the teacher’s questions. This shows that just answering a few simple questions such as your own name in a new environment can cause a great deal of stress. He also recognized he was not alone, many students felt the same as he did. He worked long hours on homework and in the end realized he understood the language, although he couldn’t speak it well. But at his age he thought he would be less fearful of learning something new; instead he realized it only multiplied. That is why he used humor to ease that fear. Sedaris stated how he thought his fears would have disappeared with age. Instead they were amplified. "My fears have not vanished. Rather, they have seasoned and multiplied with age. …show more content…
As he delivered his list of things he detested and loved and mispronounced gave the wrong genders to inanimate objects. The teacher continued to criticize everyone in the classroom. The upcoming months would teach the students what it would be like to spend time with a wild animal. “We soon learned to dodge chalk and to cover our heads and stomachs whenever she approached us with a question. She hadn’t yet punched anyone, but it seemed wise to prepare ourselves against the inevitable.” (paragraph 19). Sedaris recognizes he is not alone, and many students feel the same. Sedaris and his “fellow classmates” partake in conversations one would “commonly overhear in refugee camps”. (paragraph 25). "Sometimes me cry alone at night". "That is common for me also, but be more strong, you. Much work, and someday you talk pretty. People stop hate you soon. Maybe tomorrow, okay?" (paragraph

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