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Me and Irene

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The main objective of the course as described above is to guide the MBA students in the formulation and implementation of financial strategies as part of corporate growth in a profit oriented venture. It specifically seeks to aim at the following learning process:

1. The analysis of past and formulation of future short-term financing needs of the firm. The students are expected to be able to analyze and read past performance, and the most important of all on the basis of the analysis come up with pointers on how to forecast cash position and finance them through short-term financing instruments. This of course includes the knowledge of how to hedge foreign exchange exposure in case of foreign currencies loans.
2. The advanced concept of capital budgeting. The students are expected to be able to identify risks and match them with the relevant return prospects of a number of capital investment projects, which include ranking projects, consideration of lease and buy alternative, project financing prospect (in case of loan financing), and other relevant matters.
3. The choice of a capital structure mix for growth strategies. The students are expected to comprehend the wisdom of choosing debt and equity financing, and able to put in to practice a convertible debt-related financing for growth. This includes the skill development of how they encounter a merger and acquisition (M & A) deal in practice.
4. The minimization of risk of assets and liabilities. The students are also expected to understand how assets (especially receivable) and liabilities (foreign loans, Euro-bond, and the like) are hedged, as an introduction to a more complicated procedure in financial risk engineering...

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